A lunchtime favourite

A lunchtime favourite

Lunch day one, took me ages to eat it! Spinach with yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato, avocado and smoked salmon (I used smoked trout here), sprinked with mixed seeds Pumpkin and Sunflower.


The first two weeks – Kickstart Program

Clean and Lean 14 Day Kickstart Program.                  May 26 – June 8
DAY ONE:    Sunday May 26
Having spent all of yesterday reading James  Duigan’s Clean and Lean Diet book I feel really enthusiastic and devoted to the 14 day Kickstart program.
It will take organisation and time but I want to do it and I can make it work.
I am not having any alcohol during this part of the program and will also avoid wheat.

On rising – a glass of water with a squeeze of lime and pinch of salt ( meant to be Himalayan salt – tomorrow!)
12 minute exercise regime ( took me 30 minutes! ) based on a lot of Pilates moves that I am familiar with. I will be quicker next time.
Breakfast – poached egg with broccoli, tomato and rocket. No tomatoes so I cooked down a tin of Italian tomatoes, no rocket so I used fresh parsley plucked from the pot outside, no Parmesan so I drizzled a little nut oil over the heads of the broccoli.
I must drink more water than I have been! Coffee is allowed but should be organic. Will have one at Red Hill shortly – a long black with a dash of full cream milk- different!
Morning snack – small handful walnuts – did not eat this by the time we had been to Red Hill for coffee. I had a long black with full fat milk on the side and it was rich and delicious!
Had to take a photo of my lunch it was so gargantuan – spinach,tomato, cucumber, red capsicum, half an avocado, 50g smoked trout, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sunflower seeds, pepitas and toasted pine nuts! It took me a half hour to eat it!
Another glass of water and I am adding in 2 fish oil at each meal ( not part of the program but I take 4 a day anyway).
Ate the walnuts this afternoon, needing something else.
Went to the shop this afternoon to stock up on food for the week’s program, then spent time this evening cooking and preparing what I could for the next few days to make it a bit easier.  I ate a small handful of blueberries while cooking, had to buy frozen as the fresh are so expensive at present.
I felt and still feel a bit head- achey this evening, I guess that the nature of the food eaten today has been so lean and light (clean I guess!) that my body is adjusting to the lack of sugar and carbs.
Had a chicken breast on a bed of salad tonight.  It was from a free range roasted chicken Marcus bought for lunch today.  I realise that it was not the grilled version in the recipe but hope it is ok within the parameters of today’s eating plan.  I cannot see why it would not have been.

DAY TWO: Monday 27 May
Went to bed way too late and woke in the early hours with a headache – finally awoke to the alarm at 6:00 am and got up straight away and, happily, my head was clear! Needed plenty of time to breakfast and prepare my lunch.
Water, lime juice and pinch of Himalayan salt before showering.
Super Clean and Lean breakfast this morning: oats, brazilnuts,almonds,walnuts,and chia seeds soaked in almond milk and water overnight then blended and spooned from a glass ( a bit too thick to drink).  Very filling meal although a small quantity, about 2/3 cup.
Had my coffee at Spring Square Deli this morning – long black with cold full cream milk on the side – delicious.  Have decided if early enough I can do this and enjoy it more than grabbing a soy cappuccino or I will go out for it mid morning!
Enjoyed a handful of pecans mid morning and really feeling energised (surely a bit of mind over matter at this early stage!)
Lunch really satisfying – chicken and avocado on a bed of spinach with a fresh tomato salsa, the touch of chilli was wonderful.  Had the two fish oil as well.  Have also drunk plenty of water and included a couple of cups of green tea.
Treated myself with fresh raspberries this afternoon but the bank account is not appreciating all of the expensive items in this program.
Taking the Super Mince meal to Georgia’s to share tonight – it was lovely, they all ate theirs with spaghetti but I had mine as is!
Thrilled to have a question answered on Bodyism Facebook – good to know I can ask if I am not sure.  Up now having prepared tomorrow’s lunch and breakfast.  The cinnamon honey butter is lovely but not sure I can eat the required amount – approx 50g – on two slices of pumpernickel ( also I wanted pure rye but this one has some wheat bran so will have to shop around!

DAY THREE: Tuesday 28th May
Up early enough to include the exercise program, finish the salad for lunch and then eat my breakfast.  Really found the amount of butter overwhelming and it left me feeling queasy. The coffee at the deli did go down well and I am certainly not hungry as we approach mid morning. Will have some green tea to settle my stomach and the Brazil nuts when I feel hungry.
Had to go to Coles on way to work to pick up Turkey and strawberries for today and some veg for dinner tonight.  All of this is very time consuming but I absolutely felt leaner when I woke up this morning – amazing!
Enjoyed the Brazil nuts mid morning and several cups of green tea but I did feel hungry today and so ate my lunch – Turkey with tomato and bean salad and some cos leaves.
Strawberries mid afternoon were delicious
Back to Coles on the way home as well. i need to be more organised!
Came in a bit late and so went to work in the kitchen ( I have not done this much food preparation in ages!). Made the red and yellow pepper salad but had to use pearled barley as a substitute for pearled spelt, it was okay with the garlicky olive oil dressing. I had it with a piece of baked salmon ( fish or chicken was mentioned at the end of the recipe but not listed in the eating plan for tonight so I hope I did the right thing!). Still hungry I had a few spoonfuls of the leftover barley – guilt is relative I guess, it wasn’t sugar or something banned from the Kickstart program!
I have also prepared lunch for tomorrow  – marinated some lamb to be cooked in the morning so it is moist at lunchtime, and a spicy beet root salad with some interesting flavours.
My mood has been less positive today, even a bit grumpy due to feeling a bit hungry, but I am in this and have invested heavily already in time and money for the food and so of course I will persist.

DAY FOUR: Wednesday 29th May
I have a work lunch today that I will avoid by going later to the meeting later so I can eat the planned meal.
Back to the poached egg breakfast that I so enjoyed on the first day – ate a whole head of broccoli and a fresh tomato warmed in the pan. No Parmesan so drizzled with olive oil for the fat needed.  Loving my coffees in the new style – rich and satisfying.
Munched my seeds at recess and had a couple of cups of green tea.
With multicultural day at school today the Afghan students prepared chicken shish kebabs so I had a few pieces of that meat with my lamb and beet root. I got up early this morning to toss the lamb, zucchini and red onion in a pan to have it moist and juicy for lunch. I felt very full after this meal today but when I went to the meeting I just had a couple of glasses of water while there.  I ate the mid afternoon berries just after my lunch, then nothing til dinner.  More green tea later in the afternoon.
Cooked up the chicken with cashews for tonight ‘s meal but had slightly more than 1/4 of the total.  Water afterwards and a cup of “calm” tea before bed.
I am really missing being able to grab a banana or mandarin or munching on an apple. I understand the fructose thing but have always used fruit as a healthy snack.
I am also finding this phase very time consuming – just spent the time after dinner preparing my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.

BUT I do feel strong and positive about what I am doing and I can already feel my body changing.  I did not weigh in on the morning I began but have been the same weight for the last 4 Wednesday morning weigh ins with WW online. I will weigh myself Sunday morning however for what I am certain will be a positive reward of some kg lost.
More than that I have noticed an increase in my energy levels and positive feelings and seem to be managing more, in spite of being very tired after a day at work.

DAY FIVE:  Thursday 30th May

Breakfast – Clean and Lean Super Breakfast / 12 minute exercise routine – all managed relatively efficiently this morning. I used the turbo chopper to blend the breakfast and ate directly from that with less wastage than in the blender.
Coffee on the way in good!
Cashews for morning nibble.
Lunch – Quinoa and Roasted Pepper Salad with Seeds, bought some roasted marinated red capsicum to add to this and it was absolutely delicious – one of my favourite meals yet
1/2 punnet of strawberries for later on.
Unfortunately I did not resist the big tub of nuts on the table in our leadership meeting this afternoon – I had a handful of raw cashews. I definitely stayed away from the equally large tub of jelly lollies, did not even consider one.
Dinner- Fish with Salad of Wild Rice, spiced pecans and avocado – wow, what a great recipe, wonderful textures and flavours eaten with a small piece of steamed salmon, although the mackerel in the book looks great.
Definitely too many nuts today, I am suffering from indigestion!  I am also beginning to feel tired of the amount of food prep that is involved.  Previously I relied on tinned fish with salad as a quick and healthy lunch!

DAY SI X:  Friday 31st May
Breakfast: Fruity Clean & Lean Quinoa – running late this morning and did not cook the quinoa well enough – will use flakes next time.
I have been suffering from indigestion a bit, not sure if it is the change of diet or eating a lot more nuts.
Pistachio nuts, skipped these this morning and had my coffee mid morning
Lunch: Cold Lamb Salad, with some basil.  I have used fresh mozzarella, little bocconcini and some of the lamb pieces from lunch on Wednesday – enjoyable flavours followed with a packet of frozen mixed berries
Ate the pistachios mid afternoon.  Stomach feeling better
Thai Chicken Satay.  Marcus and I cooked this up together and really enjoyed the flavours. I adapted the satay sauce, cooking it a little to thicken it up and used almond milk instead of coconut milk.

DAY SEVEN: Saturday 1st June.    

Weighed in this morning and had slashed through the 6 week long plateau losing 1.4kg – really happy with that and motivating to continue with the Kickstart program.
Celebrating dad’s birthday today with a gathering here for lunch – trying to be creative in terms of sweets but will opt for berries and meringues for the guests.
Pilates this morning at 7:15 – I made sure I was up early enough to prepare the broccoli and poached egg breakfast on the plan.   Went shopping after the class and had a great black coffee, milk on the side, at Apples in Mt.Eliza.  Raced home to get on with the food for lunch. Made a chocolate mousse and so had to lick my finger – way too sweet for me now.
Lunch was relatively easy as I piled my plate up with salads (most left over from the week , quinoa, wild rice & avocado, spicy beetroot) and had two little lamb cutlets. No alcohol of course just soda water from our own water tank.
Mixed berries served up as part of the dessert finished off my meal and so I was left feeling light and lovely (or is that lean and clean???)
Feeling a bit peckish around 7:00 pm and so prepared the broad bean salad that was on the menu for lunch and ate it with rocket and a little bit of smoked trout.

DAY EIGHT: Sunday 2nd June.
Really good day today, feeling strong and powerful!
Clean &Lean Super Breakfast – soaked overnight in milk and sized in the turbo chef so I do not lose any as with the blender.
Had two strong coffees with friends this morning and noticed the effect of the extra caffeine.
Handful of pecans to get me through some shopping around lunchtime
Spicy Beetroot and Lamb Salad – but arrived home ravenous and devoured the lamb, zucchini and onions that I heated up in a pan
Handful of mixed berries (fresh strawberries)
Quinoa and Roasted Pepper Salad with Seeds – really my favourite meal to date!

DAY NINE: Monday 3rd June
Up early enough, not quite, to do the 18 minute routine for Week 2, although it took me a lot longer!  At least the Quinoa had more time to cook and was more palatable ( I soaked it overnight also)
Fruity Clean & Lean Quinoa, had to add a bit more milk to loosen it up in the pan
Had my morning coffee a bit later today, on my way to a meeting just after 9 am.
Almonds, great snack as I was quite hungry today
Green bean and Tomato Salad with Turkey – this batch was quite spicy as the chillies were smaller and hotter than the ones I used last week. Turkey was nicer sliced than thinly shaved.
Strawberries, delicious!
Salmon en Papillote with Ginger and Lime – really lovely and also easy served with stir fried broccoli and asparagus.

The ultimate challenge this evening with me hosting book group. Traditionally our supper includes my favourite licorice all sorts and chocolate bullets BUT I managed to resist the sugar completely.  I had instead some Brie cheese on rice wafer crackers and some small red grapes.  I guess I opted for fat over sugar but I sense that is probably ok.

DAY TEN: Tuesday 4th June
Quick Scrambled Eggs – woke too late to really fuss with breakfast so this was a quick and easy option.  Had the eggs and spinach but not the avocado
Mixed Seeds eaten at lunchtime and coffee, long black with cold milk on the side
Clean & Lean Super Salad with Smoked Salmon – really large meal that I put together at work, super delicious and an early favourite from day one!
Blueberries – splashed out to buy these and enjoyed the sweet burst in the mouth after my lunch.
Grilled Chicken Breast with Spicy Salsa and Spinach and Avocado – really fresh and lovely although I feel as though ai have had enough spinach and avocado today!

DAY ELEVEN: Wednesday 5th June
Up early to include the exercise routine.
Clean &Lean Super Breakfast, mixed up the menu tis morning cooking up a pot of quinoa flakes with almond milk and ate it with some frozen cherries.
Brazil Nuts, really enjoyed these, wonder if I am eating too much?
Elle’s Kale, Sprout and Goat’s Cheese Salad – interesting dish for a first experience with Kale. Quite nice really, thick and fibrous. The touch of goat cheese and lemony dressing went with it really well
Raspberries, a delicious treat
Did a Pilates class before dinner tonight, 5:00 – 6:10.
Spicy Beetroot and Lamb Salad, adapted this tonight so I did not need to cook up a fresh batch of lamb, I tossed zucchini in a pan with the chicken from last night, chopped into pieces with the leftover red onion salsa.  It was good!
I always feel a bit hungry after dinner

DAY TWELVE:  Thursday 6th June
Easy Eggs Florentine with Goat’s Cheese – this was delicious!
Cold Lamb Salad – just tomato and bocconcini with basil today, no lamb
Blackberries, subbed raspberries
Super Mince, great big pot that we took down to Flinders to share with Georgia, Benny and the little boys, Forrest just loves it!
THEY all ate a bowlful of lollies after dinner but I totally resisted them and felt good about it!

DAY THIRTEEN:  Friday 7th June
Haddock, Eggs and Peppers on Rye, this was an effort to cook before work but was delicious and filling, I used smoked cod.
Salad of Wild Rice, Mackeral, Spiced Pecans and Avocado, subbed some leftover Quinoa salad, added avocado and a 200g tin of Mackeral in brine.
Mixed Berries, subbed strawberries
Chicken, Asparagus and Cashew Nut Stir Fry – we were on the road to Metung, for the long weekend, at dinner time having left quite late.
We stopped at Traralgon at a Japanese restaurant and shared some Edamame, sushi & sashimi, gyoza which would have been enough but we had also ordered Chicken Teriyaki and a Beef and Ginger stir fry, both of which I found too sweet and cloying on the palate.

DAY FOURTEEN:  Saturday 8th June
Poached egg with Broccoli, Rocket, Grilled Tomato and Parmesan,  I had Power Porridge instead, with a lot of the ingredients similar to the C & L Super Breakfast.
Took our coffee at Bancroft Bites where they serve a long black that is thick, black and strong!
Mixed Nuts
Broad Bean, Spinach and Turkey Salad, subbed a grilled chicken breast with Lemon Chilli Broccoli eaten on the verandah in weak winter sunshine.
Blueberries for afternoon snack shared with Marcus.
I experimented with Kale Chips – stripping the curly leaves from the stems, massaging in a small amount of olive oil and roasting on a tray for 5 minutes in a hot oven with a scattering of Himalayan Pink Salt.  Quite enjoyable, if not unusual!
Salmon en Papillote with Ginger and Lime, made with limes from our tree out the back. This will become one of our staple meals as we both love the flavours and the gentle way the fish cooks through.

WELL, that is it for the Kickstart program and I have lost about 3 kg! Unbelievable! I am loving this new way of eating, cramming as much clean and lean food into my system as possible each day!

May 2013, I buy a book!

I had heard about James Duigan in relation to being a personal trainer with an approach to eating and exercise that has a lasting success for those who follow his guidelines so I bought the ‘Clean and Lean Diet’ revised version from Book Depository (as I could not buy it online).  It arrived on Friday, I read it on Saturday and then started with the food on the Sunday. I cannot believe the results in terms of making my physique leaner, almost instantly!

I decided to record my journey and made daily entries on my ipad notepad with the intention of publishing it as a blog when I worked out how to do that!  Probably would have been good to make them day by day on this blog but I will copy and paste them into this blog in a new post.