SUNDAY 16th June:
Breakfast at Whispering Vines Cafe at Trofeo Estate in Dromana.  Porridge with Honeyed Yoghurt and Baked Quince slices.  An amazing Organic Coffee with Biodynamic Milk served in an exquisite cup will have me going back there again and again!

A few Brazil nuts for a snack late morning the a couple of hours outside moving a load of red gum before having lunch of Spinach salad with red pepper, avocado and cold chicken.

Marcus cooked up some Indian for dinner – a piece os salmon baked and served with some lentil dhal with spinach, eggplant with tomatoes and yoghurt, and some spiced potatoes. I ate about half of my usual serving size.

MONDAY 17th June
Quinoa Porridge made with unsweetened Almond Milk, Chia seeds and eaten with some cherries and sliced almonds.
Coffee on the way in and Almonds for morning tea.
A second coffee around lunch time.
Lunched on the Spinach Salad with Avocado and Smoked Salmon
Strawberries eaten at the staff meeting to take me through the afternoon, but feeling hungry by the time I arrived home.
I made some kale chips to snack on while Marcus cooked some fillet steak, baked some red peppers with tomato and I made the Lemon Chilli Broccoli.

TUESDAY 18th June
Broccoli, tomato and poached egg with Parmesan
Mixed Seeds
Kale salad with radish and goat’s cheese.
Super mince, Asian style served with finely julienned carrot, red pepper, cucumber and lettuce
Went to the cinema with Imogen and we shared a dark chocolate Cherry Ripe bar.

Quinoa Porridge made with unsweetened Almond Milk,and eaten with some cherries and sliced almonds.
Long black espresso with full cream milk
Spinach Salad with Avocado and Smoked Salmon
Long black espresso with full cream milk – a second coffee around 4pm, not ideal but I had a long night in front of me and was waiting for an appointment
Back to work at 5:15pm to do some work before the School dinner I had been invited to.
I ate some Chocolate Bullets!  YES YES I KNOW!!!
Dinner, made and served by our hospitality students, was too much of what I had not been eating:
Savouries: vegetarian sushi, salmon blinis, deep fried pumpkin and three cheese wontons and vege spring rolls
Beef Consomme
Chicken Breast stuffed with mushrooms served with ratatouille and pasta (left untouched)
And, wait for it, home made vanilla ice cream scooped, coated with coconut and panko crumbs and deep fried! Served on a cream anglaise.
I escaped around 8.30 feeling over stuffed.

THURSDAY 20th June
I have decided to follow the eating guide in the C&L Cookbook although I was initially put off by the amount of meat ( for morning and afternoon tea!), but I get the principle and so topped up on meat today!
Quinoa Porridge made with unsweetened Almond Milk,and eaten with some cherries and sliced almonds.
100g Turkey, 1/2 Avocado
Long Black Espresso Coffee with full cream milk
Bocconcini Cheese, Tomato, Basil, drizzled with olive oil
Mixed seeds
Ham, chicken meat, roast beef ( the filling out of several sandwich quarters )
2 egg omelette with Spinach, served on dark rye pumpernickel bread.

FRIDAY 21 June
{Easy Scrambled Eggs, served with red capsicum – no eggs!!!}
I steamed a very small chicken breast, wilted some kale and ate them with 1/2 an avocado and some sliced red pepper
Went up to Red Hill for a coffee and so did not feel like the Turkey so I ate the 5 hazelnuts and went shopping
{Turkey slices } hazelnuts(5)
Cambodian Beef Salad – this was lovely, made with pomegranate seeds rather than green mango.
Chicken Beast, 1/2 Tomato, I felt that I did not really need this and it left me feeling a bit full. I think I understand the principle of topping up on protein so will try to follow the eating plan.
Grilled fish with Quinoa, the quinoa was delicious as I threw in some red and green chilli when cooking the veg and also some lemon juice before stirring through the quinoa.

{May try to make some Deliciously Flaked Granola for breakfast}, no time to make this today as off for a 7 km walk with Gab. Grabbed a banana and spread some avocado on two Quinoa crispbreads.
Long Black Espresso Coffee with full cream milk
Chicken Breast and red pepper
Working in Imo’s garden today, she made me a spinach and avocado salad with some tomato and celery.
Beef slices, 1/4 cucumber
Made the Green Super Salad and took it over to Carol and Ennio’s to share with some chicken cooked with tandoori spices, so not the fish I had planned but lean nonetheless.
The salad was beautiful!
{Whole baked fish with greens (spinach, beans)}
Drank heaps of water today.