SUNDAY 9th JUNE: the first day of the rest of my life! A life eating clean and lean.

Today I breakfasted on some Kale tossed in a pan with a touch of olive oil and then a splash of water to cover and wilt off a little, finished with lemon juice and black pepper. Topped this with some smoked salmon and a poached egg and scattered all with some sliced red capsicum.

Another excellent long black coffee at Bites, then home to sample the Spelt Sourdough Bread I had made (with yeast, so not purely sourdough, but 100% spelt flour so no wheat). I ate a crust and half a slice spread with unsalted butter.  It is good bread so I will establish a spelt starter when we go home and make this for us, even though we eat very little bread I do want to continue to avoid wheat where I can.

I am looking forward to getting the cookbook this week but also looked through the latest Bodyism supplement on Facebook that was recently published in Health and Fitness UK, that had some good recipes and also exercise routines.

Marcus is really on board with all of this but cannot eat a lot of what I am eating due to his Coronary Artery Disease and avoidance of eggs and full fat dairy products. He is enjoying a lot of the veg and salad options however and gives me heaps of positive encouragement with what I am consuming.
I guess he knows only too well that I am a different (better) person when I feel lean and fit. Most of my recent problems were due to the fact that I had gained weight and was miserable about it.  Having lost 5 kg with WW from July to November last year, then putting 3kg back on over Christmas and the holidays I was struggling to lose it again. I am now back to the low weight I was in November last year and feel strong about pushing through a barrier that I have not been able to break for years!

With our visitors, Tom and Louise, we went into the Village Green for the Metung Wine and Festival.  My first half glass if alcohol in over a fortnight – a half glass of a local sparkling. I also ate some chicken laksa with rice noodles and veg but left the egg noodle in the bowl certain it would have contained wheat flour.

We returned home to have some coffee on the verandah where I ate only strawberries forgoing the Lemon Yoghurt Cake!
Marcus slow roasted a half leg of lamb that we ate with baked beetroot, pumpkin and potato.  Missed something green however, there was some broccoli to go with it but it was overlooked.  I finished off with a half glass of red wine.
My position on wine is that I will limit it to once per week if we are in a social setting, if I cannot avoid it altogether.

MONDAY 10th June:
Up around 9 am to breakfast on Power Porridge with Almond Milk before heading outside to finish mowing the grass in front of the house – it took me two hours and the whole time I was dreaming about the thick and rich coffee I would go into Metung for when I had finished. And, so I did but was very disappointed with the quality today, obviously a different barista on Mondays.
Ate some walnuts when I got back and put some wild rice on to cook to make the Mackeral salad with avocado. I also baked some red capsicum to slice into it.
As we left around 3pm we were on the road when dinner time came around.  We grazed on strawberries and blueberries with some seeds and nuts but arrived home hungry.
Priority one was heating the house, but Marcus quickly whipped up a meal of steamed salmon with bok choy tossed with chilli, lemongrass and oyster sauce (a bit sweet). It was a good C&L meal as I felt that the roasted veg last night were not really in keeping with the principles of the program.

TUESDAY 11th June: In the absence of an alternative I am going to repeat the Kickstart starting today with meals from Day One: Broccoli, tomato, egg and rocket with Parmesan / Walnuts / Smoked Salmon Salad with Spinach and avocado / Blueberries / Marinated Grilled  Chicken with a rocket salad.
Ate half a kiwi fruit after dinner, so hungry.

WEDNESDAY 12th June: C&L SuperBreakfast / Pecans / Grilled Chicken Breast with Spicy Salsa and Spinach and Avocado / Raspberries / Super Mince.
Lunch in Carlton as at Uni of Melbourne today and met up with Marcus up in town also. We shared some dumplings and rice paper rolls – not ideal but light enough.
I ate strawberries at morning tea.
Super mince Asian style with kaffir lime leaves, basil, chilli and garlic – quite tasty.
BUT, major breakout as I had some licorice all sorts and chocolate bullets!!!!! Why oh why after all of my good work over the past 2 and a half weeks???
And I was disappointed this morning to weigh in 0.5 kg heavier than last week!
Can I overcome this slip from the C&L regime? I think so but I always have that desire for this sort of junk food – it is the demon sugar! I already love my leaner shape and want to maximise this to make the biggest difference in a long time. I guess it could be the ‘Cheat Meal’, although hardly a meal.  My concern is the social weekend coming up, it is more difficult to eat with friends if they are serving up the food and wine!

THURSDAY 13th June:
Toasted Rye bread with Cinnamon Honey Butter – still find this too buttery, but did not hear back from Bodyism contact regarding my query about how much to eat. Coffee on the way in helped a bit!
Brazil Nuts – always good
Cold Lamb Salad – quite good as I found some lamb from our weekend roast
#### a little break out this afternoon with two slices of processed cheese, not great I know but most likely better than sugar!!!####
Red and Yellow Pepper Spelt Salad – this was good as I had spelt (farro) rather than barley and I cooked it well, mixed it with the dressing and stirred through red and yellow pepper chunks and broccoli.
Very filling!

FRIDAY 14th June:
Poached Eggs with Broccoli, Rocket,Grilled Tomato and Parmesan – out of broccoli so subbed kale tossed in a pan with water to wilt then a slash of olive oil
Up too late today to call that breakfast, definitely brunch!
Had two delicious coffees at Commonfolk in Mornington with Marcus while he ate lunch.
Mixed Seeds, ate these mid afternoon
Green Beans and Tomato Salad with Turkey – had 100g turkey only mid afternoon
(Blackberries , save this for dessert this evening with friends)
Chicken, Asparagus and Cashew Nut Stir-fry. – serving up grilled chicken with a range of healthy salads, Spelt and peppers, wild rice and avocado, spinach and raddichio.
This meal was replaced with grilled chicken served with salads Red and Yellow Pepper and Spelt,  Wild Rice and Avocado.  These were heartily enjoyed by our guests.
Matt and Gab brought dessert for all and included a biodynamic organic vanilla bean yoghurt for me!  It did contain some “organic sugar” but was not overly sweet and I had two spoonfuls on some strawbs and blueberries.
I feel quite free in my choice not to drink any alcohol although others seem almost challenged by the idea.

SATURDAY 15th June:
Made a 2 egg Omelette with spinach and goat’s cheese, it was delicious as I cooked it in butter.
I raced down to Georgia’s to look after the boys while she worked and made some apple muffins with Tully eating one of them in spite of the wheat flour and brown sugar.
Finally had a wonderful coffee at Red Hill on my way home around 12:15pm.
I ate some of the left over salads, a large bowlful so felt quite full!
Short turn around before heading out to a gathering with Imo in the afternoon where I resisted the Chocolate Mars Bar Slice and ate a few pieces of sushi instead.
We were out for dinner and so a bit concerned about my options.
I ate some prosciutto and a little tasty cheese,
a small piece of home cooked lasagne,
some baked salmon with sweet potato and pumpkin mash and green beans….
…..all ok until dessert – a parfait with jelly, stewed fruit, custard and a small scoop of ice cream.
I certainly noticed a big difference in how I felt after this meal compared to my C&L regime of recent weeks…
Anyway, early days and I pulled it back on Sunday.